The only mention of Cockfield as a possible gildhall is in the SHBG newsletter 'Eavesdropper'' No 17, Autumn 2000 (see Sources) in the article "Angels, Saints, Dragons and Ale" by Patrick Taylor. Of it he said: "Cockfield, Chuch House, Church Lane. Another building immediately adjoining the churchyard, formerly known as Church Cottage and described in its listing as 'Originally the church house, used for parish festivals and holidays'. This is a high quality building, longwall jettied on the north side with herringbone brick nogging. A 'very likely'."

I can find no other reference to this as a gildhall, nor evidence of a gild - although it is likely there was one. I think this is better regarded just as a possible until any further evidence emerges.

The Historic England listing is here.

Some scanned photographs from the files of Patrick Taylor are shown below:
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And the other side:
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